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For many women, their journey with bladder leaks begins during or after pregnancy. Leaked Secrets was created with the idea of helping new moms by breaking the stigma around bladder leaks. With this social campaign, you'll find the most authentic experience of motherhood that you wouldn't find in the most basic parenting books. After watching this campaign moms will feel valued, inspired, and capable of everything being a mom throws at them. 

Copywriter: Danny Carlon

Associate Creative Directors: Emily Walton, Sarah Uchison

Creative Director: Merrin McCormick

Post Copy: Becoming a mom is a lot of pressure, especially on your bladder. We’ll help you soak up any unexpected pee with Poise.

Post Copy: In the car? At dinner? On a Ferris wheel? Wherever you Kegel & whenever you leak, ✊🏼 you can count on Poise to have your back.

Post Copy: 5 minutes free from a screaming baby can feel like a 5-star resort. 🥽 Stay dry all day (and up all night) with Poise.

Post Copy: A soundly sleeping baby? Sounds more like a fantasy. At least your bladder can rest easy when you handle leaks with Poise.


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